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Bobby Labonte

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As the 2000 NASCAR Cup Champion and a NASCAR Hall of Famer, Bobby’s inspiration for the Bobby Labonte Foundation comes from the passion his fans have shown him and dedication and support he has received from so many throughout his racing career. Bobby started the Bobby Labonte Foundation in 2003 with the goal of opening doors and reducing barriers to opportunities for children so that they dream big, and realize their true potential!

The Foundation’s approach is to help build stronger foundations for children’s success through supporting initiatives that address literacy and education, food insecurity, mentorship and open doors to experiences that can inspire children. Since 2003, the Bobby Labonte Foundation has generously donated all proceeds from fundraiser events totaling nearly $1 million to various non-profit organizations in the Triad.

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How Can I Help?

The work of the Bobby Labonte Foundation happens because of the generous support of so many! This year, we are building and donating 60 kids bicycles and helmets to local children in partnership with the employees of Herbalife Nutrition and collectively making a sizable donation to the YWCA Best Choice Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We hope that these new bicycles will inspire exploration that leads to big dreams and a whole new world of opportunities for the children’s futures!

Donate $100 to provide a bike and helmet to one child and receive an autographed Limited-Edition Bobby Labonte SRX t-shirt while supplies last!

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the best choice center

YWCA Best Choice Center, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Best Choice Center is a year-around academic enrichment center for children grades K-8 that live in poverty, most of whom receive need-based scholarships to attend. Their team of professional educators includes certified teachers and bilingual staff. In addition to traditional education enrichment, the Best Choice Center provides nutrition education, hot meals, transportation from school to the center, a computer lab and a parent’s council.

In Forsyth County, only 52.5% of third graders pass the end of grad reading test. To date, over 83% of third graders who attended the Best Choice Center After School Enrichment Program passed end-of-grade reading tests, 86% scored a C or higher in reading, 84% scored a C or higher in math, 91% maintained or improved in reading over the summer and 100% were promoted to the next grade level. The number of Best Choice Center kids on the Honor Roll has doubled in the last two years.

The YWCA Best Choice Center’s mission is to empower local low income and at-risk children through academic success such as the After School Enrichment Program. The Bobby Labonte Foundation can see that the Best Choice Center is succeeding, and we are proud to support their work!

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At Herbalife Nutrition, our success has been premised on improving communities. From helping people improve their nutrition with our science-backed products to providing economic opportunities through our direct selling business model, we’ve helped millions around the world lead a healthier lifestyle, have a positive impact in their communities and become entrepreneurs.

Our global presence means we are committed to doing more to provide life-changing opportunities focused on supporting healthy communities, economic empowerment, and a thriving planet. To drive progress, we have set a goal to achieve 50 million positive impacts across our Global Responsibility programs by 2030, the 50th anniversary of Herbalife Nutrition.

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